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Navigating the etiquette and timing of farewell gift (farewell禮物) giving can sometimes be tricky. Here’s a guide to help you navigate this process with grace and thoughtfulness:

Timing: Farewell gifts are typically given on or before the individual’s last day. However, if you’re planning a group gift or farewell event, it’s best to coordinate with colleagues or friends to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Consider the Workplace Culture: In a professional setting, consider the workplace culture and norms regarding gift-giving. It’s essential to adhere to company policies and ensure the gift is appropriate for the environment.

Include a Personal Note: Along with the gift, include a heartfelt note expressing your appreciation and well wishes for the individual’s future endeavors. A handwritten message adds a personal touch and conveys sincerity.

Respect Individual Preferences: Be mindful of the recipient’s preferences and any cultural or religious sensitivities. Avoid gifts that may be offensive or inappropriate based on their beliefs or values.

Follow Up: After giving the gift, follow up with a message or email expressing your gratitude once again. Let the individual know that they will be missed and that you wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Maintain Professionalism: If the farewell is in a professional setting, maintain professionalism throughout the gift-giving process. Avoid overly sentimental or extravagant gifts that may make others uncomfortable.

Express Gratitude: Whether you’re the giver or the recipient, express gratitude for the gesture. Farewell gifts are tokens of appreciation and should be received with grace and gratitude.

By following these etiquette guidelines and considering the timing of gift giving, you can ensure that the farewell process is respectful, thoughtful, and memorable for all involved.