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The mushbag is dependant on the classic PF-Tek developing approach. This cultivation strategy was pioneered by the popular mycologist Robert McPherson in 1991, being one of many world’s best methods. It is great for the beginner for individuals who want fast results with minimal trouble.

The procedure of developing fresh mushrooms
This is much easier through the entire overall growth method, with basic and obvious directions.
Our BRF and vermiculite substratum formula is used inside the mushbag expanding package, with additional gypsum. Throughout the years, we have tried several recipes, but this has became the ideal. It gives the excellent source of nourishment-unique environment to premium fresh mushrooms.

Precisely what is contained in the bag?
It generally has got the following:
•1.5L Huge mushbag
•Sizeable fruiting tent
•Fine mister
•Encounter mask
•Surgical hand protection
•Alcoholic drinks swabs
•Palm sanitizer

Ways to use the mushbag
1.Inject 1-2ml of exquisite spore or liquefied traditions solution per shot port using sterile procedures.
2.To colonize, position it somewhere dim and comfortable (21-26°C). Wait around a couple weeks up until the colony is fully established.
3.Fill the bag with normal water and soak it for 12 to twenty four hours.
4.Strain the excess h2o by taking off the lid.
5. Set the equipment from the fruiting tent it was included with.

Make an effort to use to develop kits right after obtaining them. If required to keep them, place them in the refrigerator. They could very last many months prior to they end.

Each one of these kits to increase legitimate species. It is among the least complicated procedures together with the clearest guidelines in expanding fresh mushrooms. Offering spores for microscopy, analysis, or taxonomy uses. Always execute extensive study prior to making an order.