SPIRITUAL UNITE: “7 True Lightworker Traits”

7 True Lightworker Traits

A lightworker can be anyone, from any faith, culture and yes even animals can be lightworkers who are here to guide the planet from negative energy.

A lightworker is very much a evolved soul who has incarnated for a particular purpose to help this planet in some way.

The term lightworker is not a label

Many get stuck on this term lightworker, so it becomes a label.  Know that everyone on this planet is a potential lightworker, some lightworker’s are awake and know the reason for being here, and then there are others who are asleep and not aware of their purpose.

So are you a lightworker?

Here are 7 signs you may be a lightworker:

1.  You are psychic

Lightworkers tend to be psychic, but not all are clairvoyants.  The first batch of lightworkers who came here were the psychic ones, and these lightworkers began by reading channelled information.

As a Lightworker you are probably psychic because you have an interest in communicating with your spirit guides.

2.  You are sensitive

As a lightworker your spirit is very pure, many of the negative and cruel things happening in this world can be tough for you to understand.  You also may have difficulty dealing with people who have intense emotions like anger.

3.  You are committed to personal growth

Being a lightworker, you will experience much emotional turmoil.  Life may stretch you to your limits but you are acutely aware of the process, and you work through it for the greater good.

4.  It’s okay to be alone

As a Lightworker you are isolated from others, misunderstood or lonely.  Since you don’t like picking up negative energy and emotions from other people, it’s important for you to spend time alone.

5.  You may be a Starseed

As a lightworker, you may feel a connection to stars, or you may feel like you incarnated on earth, but you are from somewhere else in the universe.

6.  A strong desire to help people

As a Lightworker you are very empathic, so it’s natural for you to help others.  Lightworker’s take up jobs as a counsellor, nurse, or even a teacher, lightworkers are dedicated to making a solid contribution to humanity.

7.  You are a voice for Humankind

As a Lightworker you are a voice for humankind, you do this with your creative expression.  You find great fulfilment using your self-expression, knowledge, creativity and intuitive nature to make an impact on people you meet.



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ESSENCENTRAL: “Intuition 101: Connection”

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Intuition is often a spontaneous thing.  It floats in randomly and before you know it, it’s gone again.

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be a random occurrence?

The thing is, our intuition, like any other muscle, can be exercised and strengthened.  It is absolutely possible to be connected to our intuition in each and every moment, provided we are willing to embrace the gift of this inherent inner wisdom.  We don’t have to wait until adversity hits or a big decision is to be made.  We have the ability to live fully from this place of intuitive knowledge each day, allowing our inner GPS to guide us throughout the day’s events — from choosing what to eat, what to wear, who to spend time with, what kind of music to listen to, and how best to take care of ourselves that day.  We can be fully and completely present, living purposefully and authentically rather than being on autopilot and blindly moving through our days.

Our intuition is always working.  It’s always sneaking in little hints — things like, “You should call ___” or “___ would be fun to learn.”  Those tend to be the easiest ones to follow through on.

It’s the harder ones that our ego steps in on and sabotages us in creating a happier and more fulfilling life.  “This job is not right for you” or “This relationship is not healthy” can bring up a lot of ego fear and subsequently a lack of follow through.  Fear of change is a huge block to our intuition and can cripple the connection to our inner guidance and wisdom.  We must learn to trust that any fear that comes up pertaining to change is moving us towards that which we desire and to move with it faithfully and courageously.

More things that block our intuition are:

  1. Over-thinking
  2. Cultural conditioning to disregard feelings
  3. Fear, worry, or doubt
  4. Expectations/Attachments/Control issues
  5. Judgments
  6. Distrust of self
  7. Looking outside for answers
  8. Stress
  9. Rigid belief systems
  10. Lack of quiet time

If any of these resonate with you (your intuition told you so!), I would suggest working on your block(s) first.  You’ll have the space and freedom to work with your intuition fully without anything hindering your connection and practice.  In regard to stress and a lack of quiet time, we are always going to run into those blocks.  The important thing is to make a conscious choice to do what you can with what you have to give yourself what you need.  If you’re stressed, take time out to do something that relaxes you and feels good. If you have a lack of quiet time, make the decision to incorporate a small window in your day that is solely for peace and quiet.  If you truly want a deep and fulfilling connection to your intuition, there is no excuse! 🙂

Connecting to Our Intuition

There are a multitude of ways to connect to our intuition.  Today, I’ll share 10 different exercises and tools to do so.

It’s important to remember that with all of these, we have to learn to come to a space of quiet.  The best and easiest way to do this is to simply focus on our breath.  Take long, slow, deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth.  With each breath, move your attention away from your head and into your heart.  Breathe and hold that space as you become aware of the love and wisdom your heart holds for you.  This is how it feels when you’re connected.  Watch for this feeling throughout these exercises.

  1. Start small.  As I mentioned earlier, we don’t have to wait until a huge decision needs to be made in order to connect with our intuition.  Start small.  Consult your inner voice or feeling when deciding what you should wear, what you should eat for lunch, or what music to listen to on your way to your next destination.  Act on it and witness the shifts that take place within your psyche and emotional body when you follow what your intuition is sharing with you.
  2. Pay attention.  This is a big one.  Pay attention to any intuitive hits — ie. “random” thoughts, feelings or visions — you receive and keep them in mind.  It may even help to have a “hunch journal” in which you can put all your hunches or gut feelings down in one place.  Look back at it at the end of every week and reflect on whether any of them were on point.  Even if they’re not, this is still a great way to exercise our intuition.
  3. Follow what feels good.  Our intuition is always going to guide us to what is right and true for us — this includes what feels right and true as well.  Throughout your day, follow what feels good for you.  What feels good is always in alignment with what is important and our intuition is a way to access and act on the things which hold meaning, purpose, and fulfillment for us.
  4. Ask and LISTEN.  Simple, but profound.  Get quiet and ask the question.  For this to work, we have to be in a space of knowing that we will receive the answer — because we will.  Most importantly, we must remember to listen as well.  If you’re not sure what an answer from your intuition feels like, generally it feels calm and quiet.  When we receive an intuitive answer, there is no doubt and no fear — at least not at first when our conscious mind and ego haven’t had the chance to argue about it.  There is a deep sense of knowing it is true and it is right.  What is the first thing that pops into your head?  That’s typically an intuitive answer.  Honor it.
  5. Intention.  Make a conscious decision to connect with your intuition.  Set an intention.  The best time to do this is in the morning as you begin your day.  I like to do it as I wake up and get moving.  I consciously affirm to myself my intention to listen to my inner voice throughout the day and act on it.  A few may be:
    • I am open to receiving intuitive guidance in each moment.
    • I commit to following my intuition.
    • I honor each intuitive hit I receive and follow through with it with gratitude and excitement.
  6. Journal.  Choose a time to sit down and write non-stop stream of consciousness for 3 pages.  Don’t analyze, don’t read, just write.  Even if you feel there is nothing else to write, write that.  Don’t stop until you hit the 3 page mark.  Often, putting down our mental chatter on paper can get it out and allow intuitive messages to come through.  Look over your pages and see what you find that really sticks out and may alert you to an “aha!” moment — that’s your intuition.
  7. Pause.  Before making any decision — big or small — pause.  Just for a second. Breathe.  You may find something comes up that either tells you to follow through or find another way.  You can also pause when you feel like the answers just aren’t coming to you, especially when you find yourself dwelling on a situation.  Do something different and you’ll find that suddenly the answer shows up as you finally gave it the mental space to make itself known.  When it does, give thanks and smile.
  8. Meditate.  Of course!  Meditation is one of the best ways to connect with our inner wisdom.  We talked above about the mental chatter.  This mental chatter can tend to overwhelm and suffocate our intuition from being heard or felt.  Meditation allows us the space and time to learn how to allow those thoughts to pass through and become more mindful and aware of what is happening underneath all of that chaos.  It lets us get really quiet so that that little voice has a chance to come through and bless us with the wisdom we’re looking for.
  9. Tarot/Oracle/Angel cards.  Learning how to use the Tarot, Oracle cards, Angel cards, or the many other intuitive cards out there can be a huge ally when connecting to our intuition.  They allow us to hear our inner voice and decipher its messages by way of physical representations.  Many card decks have symbolism in the art that we can use to play with our “intuitive feelers.”  You might be curious about a situation, or wonder how you can best take care of yourself in a given moment.  Pull a card and really look at it.  Pay attention to where your attention goes.  For example, you may zero in on a sun and get a feeling of warmth, joy, and play.  This might be an intuitive signal that you need more of those qualities in your life.  You might choose to read the description, but I really believe it doesn’t matter.  You receive exactly what it is you get out of it. I encourage you to shop around and choose a deck that really calls to you — your intuition will let you know when you find the one!
  10. Dreams.  Our dreams hold a ton of intuitive wisdom.  If you’re one who remembers your dreams often, this may be a helpful technique when connecting to your intuition.  Delegate a journal to being a “dream journal.”  Write down any and all things you notice in your dreams, even if they’re small details.  As random and crazy as our dreams can be, they are filled with symbolism about what is going on in our inner world — especially that which we are not consciously aware of.  Keep an open mind and consider the fact that many times our dreams are not what they seem on the surface — the person in the dream may just be a symbol for someone or something in our waking life.  For example, you may have a dream about someone trying to trap you.  You may ask yourself if there is someone or something in your life that makes you feel trapped.  Play around and feel out the symbolism, you’re bound to find a level of truth there.

As always, I encourage you to find what works best for you!  Whatever you find is perfect.  It may even be a few of these.  Turn it into a routine if you’d like and experience the shifts that take place when you consciously decide to connect to and listen to your intuition.  Intention and awareness coupled with action creates a strong relationship.  We must commit to it, stay open and pay attention, and act on the intuitive hits we receive so that we can build confidence and faith in our intuitive abilities, further strengthening the connection.

Remember that intuition is a totally individual experience.  You may feel it, you may hear it, you may sense it, you may see it.  All is right and perfect.  Work with how it shows up you!  I will be doing a post soon about the different types of intuition.

It takes practice, but it’s totally worth it.  Creating a solid connection to our intuition allows us to get even more clear about who we are, what’s important to us, and make choices that are aligned with both, based on our own inner insight and wisdom.

What’s better than that?




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TANAAZ (Forever Conscious): “4 Ways to Tap into your Sixth Sense”

tap into sixth sense

In this human dimension we rely on our five senses in order to navigate through the world. These five senses are necessary for our survival however, there is another sense that exists on a more subtle level- the sixth sense.

Our sixth sense can often go undetected, but it is this sense which gives us access to our intuition, gut feelings and psychic abilities.

The sixth sense allows us to access things that can’t really be rationalised with the human mind and gives us access to the unseen worlds and to the world of spirit energy.

We all have a sixth sense and we all have the ability to tap into it, all it takes is becoming aware and paying attention to the subtle messages that our sixth sense offers.

If you want to strengthen your sixth sense, here are some suggestions-

1.) Get Balanced

Tapping into your sixth sense is all about balance. When one sense dominates the others, it can be really difficult to remain aware of the other senses.

To get in touch with your sixth sense, you have to still and quiet your mind and tune into the more subtle energies and vibrations that surround you. Forget for a moment about what you can see, touch, taste, hear and smell and instead go deeper.

One way to do this is to close your eyes and ask your body how it feels. Don’t try to put any words to the feelings and don’t try to rationalise it, just focus your attention on feeling. By doing this, it can help you to activate the subtle energies that live inside of you.

2.) Develop a Relationship with your Environment 

Many years ago when we lived in nomadic tribes, the sixth sense was necessary for our survival. Today however, we have forgotten the power of relying on our sixth sense to help guide us.

Animals still have a very heightened sixth sense which is why they are often more sensitive to spirits and are able to sense natural disasters before they happen.

Our sixth sense is a primal instinct, and the more we can get in touch with the environment that surrounds us, the more we will begin to see how our sixth sense communicates with us.

Take a moment to sense the energy in the room and notice how it makes you feel. What vibes are you getting from the space or the people in the room?

When you tune into your environment in this way, often you will start to recognize things that perhaps you didn’t notice before.

Another important step is learning how to tune into nature. Nature is not only healing but it also in constant communication with us. Just think about your favourite flower for a moment. Flowers are able to communicate joy, happiness, beauty and even love, simply by the energy it carries.

All of nature is very inspiring in this way, and once you open your awareness to this, you will start to notice how it speaks to you.

3.) Write Down Your Dreams

Our sixth sense also communicates with us through our dreams. Even if your dreams don’t necessarily make sense to your logical mind, often they are filled with subtle messages and clues about the direction of your life.

To begin tapping into this wisdom and knowledge, start writing down your dreams first thing in the morning. Keep doing this for at least two to three weeks and slowly you will start to see themes or patterns emerging.

It is really only when you collectively look back on your dreams that they will start to make sense to you.

4.) Develop your Intuitive Muscle

The more you pay attention to your gut feelings or intuition, the stronger your sixth sense will become. Think of it like a muscle, the more you use it and rely on it the stronger it will become.

To start building your confidence, start using your intuition and gut feelings to make simple decisions in your life. Whether it is using your intuition to pick the perfect meal at lunch or using your intuition when dealing with coworkers or your children, see if you can flex your muscle at least 2-3 times per day.

Once you have developed confidence using your intuitive muscle, you will feel more confident trusting it when you have to make important or life-changing decisions.



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ANNA LEMIND: “Exploring The Mystery Of Intuition”


Intuition is full of temptations.  How can we keep from trying to explain something that came out of nowhere to solve a problem as something that was “sent down from above”?

Intuition is often referred to as “readily available knowledge“, which has the property to “suddenly” appear in the head of an individual.  But we often fail to take into account the fact that we have long been preoccupied with solving this problem.

How it works

Intuition is viewed as a method to attain philosophical knowledge, ability to perceive information, the method of decision-making in critical situations, and ability to successfully deal with the situation during uncertainty, and also as an instinct.  With such an extensive activity context, it is necessary to clarify that “intuition” is primarily a cognitive process.  However, it does not work the way we are accustomed to think: when thinking process leads to intuitive response. This process follows “different rules”: after a long process of thinking over and over and failing to come up with an idea, we suddenly come up with the right idea!  When trying to explain intuition, we must remember that we do not have enough knowledge about the workings of the brain inside our skulls.  The fact is that at the conscious level, only a tiny fraction of information is processed.  Not surprisingly, our unconscious state contains much more information than we are able to notice.

We can confidently say that an individual knows a lot more than he thinks he does!  After all, any problem to be constantly focused on can exert a lot of pressure!  And, as philosophers like to say, “the ray of enlightenment” requires as much energy as well-known laser beam, so prolonged pressure to think over and over ultimately prevents creative solutions.  Switching to other types of activities and taking breaks can be very helpful.  Strictly speaking, intuition differs from other types of cognitive activities primarily by having unconscious “incubation period”, “distraction from the problem,” which creates the illusion of surprise in the final outcome.

Trust your body

In general, there are body, sensual, intellectual and social types of intuition.

Body (or physical) intuition.  By and large, intuition is the ability to use “unconventional” sources of information, specifically, our own body sensations in order to solve a problem.  No wonder that in some areas of psychological practice a popular phrase “trust your body” is used.  People who use body intuition are doing exactly that, they rely on body sensations and based on those, they reach conclusions and make decisions in areas where other sources of information are traditionally utilized.  Some of these examples include decision-making when purchasing shares at stock exchange or during relationships with others people.

The source of knowledge also includes “body memory”, a striking example of which are unique skills of athletes and musicians.  If you try to consciously figure out how the ball hits the soccer goal or a basket, then this will certainly be a result of a minimum set of complex physical calculations.  And an athlete, who has no idea about physical calculations and equations, simply sends the ball into the basket, guided solely by the acquired intuitive body sensations.  The example with musicians is even more perplexing.  It is known within professional circles that a violinist is able to feel the change in musical tone, “spacing out” with a fingertip the lengths in tenths of a millimeter.

Intuition post-factum

Sensual or emotional intuition. Strictly speaking, this type of intuition is the most “famous” since it is familiar to almost everyone, and is even reflected in such famous expressions as “cold feet”, “stone heart”, “troubled soul”, which show manifestations of anxiety that plays an essential role in our sense of security.  This type of intuition, perhaps, is also the most widely available as various types of “hunches”.  It sometimes happens in life, when everything seems to be perfect, but the heart and soul are restless and tell otherwise.  But not everyone is capable of trusting these intuitive signs, and notice these manifestations of anxiety some time after something had happened.  And then they begin recalling that they did not feel right the day before for some reason, while adding to this a bunch of prophetic dreams and premonitions.  Bearing this in mind, this type of intuition is perhaps the most unverifiable, because it is a characteristic of those who lived through an event.  And after the fact, it is difficult to distinguish between the presence of intuition and fantasies or desire to become famous.  Although it is widely known that one of the passengers of the sunken “Titanic” did not board the ship at the last moment, having forewarnings.

Insight solves puzzles

Intellectual intuition. Conventional science views this type of intuition as a complex joint outcome of the rational and sensory perception, when a difficult task of intellectual thinking is aided by old and reliable methods of understating the world through symbols and images.  If we examine numerous examples of “insights” in technical and scientific fields, it is apparent that the “enlightenment” contains some symbolic “hint”.  These hints help us to understand the essence of what a few seconds ago seemed just a jumble of formulas, facts and results of calculations devoid of any logic.  It can be that the elements of insight has long been brewed in the head of the creator and intuitive approach only helped to solve the puzzle.  No wonder Robert Sternberg and Todd Labert identified five “components” of creativity: knowledge of the matter, creative thinking skills, reckless personality, intrinsic motivation and creative environment.  Intellectual intuition sometimes includes “subcategories”: professional, scientific and creative, although there is no need in categorizing them this way. All of the three subcategories are identical to each other.

10 seconds without mysticism

Social intuition.  Famous American psychologist David Myers in his book “Intuition: Its Powers and Perils” also identifies social intuition, by which he means many different in origins types of unconscious features of our perception of individuals of our own kind.  So, for example, figuring out whether a certain person is dangerous to us and what his intentions are, takes only ten seconds after we first met with this person.  Our conscious and unconscious assessments of a stranger often diverge, even to the point of being the opposite.  The more often we see a person, the more attractive he or she seems to us.  We tend to attribute certain properties to someone we meet, relying on unrelated factors, such as environment in which we have met the person.

Mystical intuition

In order to paint the complete picture, we must mention that the outstanding Russian philosopher Nikolai Lossky has also introduced the type of mystical intuition, by which he meant something related to the highest form of intellectual knowledge in the field of “abstract ideas”, the type of mathematical way of thinking. In general, this kind of intuition can be safely called the “most rare” because it is clearly a characteristic of only several dozen of people in history, most of whom never intersected in time and space.

A wife or a psychic?

Men’s and women’s intuition.  In conclusion, it is worth to mention the differences in intuitive abilities among genders.  More correctly, perhaps, it is not about male and female intuition, but rather about different abilities in its use.  Numerous studies show that women are much more “intuitive” than men.  Traditionally, it is related to a number of female characteristics, including greater empathy, which is based on better recognition of the human emotional states.  Life experience confirms that women are more precise in determining whether a person loves someone, or pretends to, or who of the two people is the big boss and who is subordinate, whether a particular person is lying or telling the truth.  So, all sorts of jokes about “psychic” abilities of wives trying to determine the truthfulness of “presented evidence” from a guilty spouse can be quite justifiable.



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TANAAZ (Forever Conscious): “Can You Trust a Psychic to Know Your Destiny?”


How much trust should you put in psychic readers?

As an intuitive reader (which is slightly different to a psychic), I have many clients who come to me for a “second opinion”. They have been to psychics, received a message that perhaps they didn’t want to hear, or that didn’t feel right to them, and then come looking for some type of confirmation or clarity.

Even though I offer intuitive readings myself, I firmly believe that you cannot trust everything a psychic tells you, even if they are the most accurate psychic in the world.

Let me tell you why…

In a weird twist of fated events, I found myself at this psychic’s house receiving a reading. She was new to her powers but instantly I could tell that she was very connected. She knew things that there was no way she could have known, so I was pretty confident in her abilities.

As we went through the reading, she started telling me things that I did not want to hear. Things that I don’t think anyone should here, including the fact I was going to die young!

She also told me I was going to drop out of University. At the time I was just about to finish high school and had been working very hard to get into this University that I felt called to go to. But, she proceeded to paint a very bleak and negative picture about it all, which made me feel very depressed.

I struggled for days with what she had told me and was actually really angry at her and myself. My frustration grew and grew till finally I had enough- “Who is this person to tell me what is going to happen in my life! She doesn’t even know me!” And I let it go.

Flash forward nearly a year later, when I had forgotten all about what the psychic had said, I was taking classes at this University I really wanted to go to. I was excited at first, but slowly I started to realize that it was not as expected.

My classes were dull and boring, but I carried on anyway, until I got offered a job of a lifetime. An acting job with the Sydney Opera Company. I was so excited that I dropped out of University.


Bam! What the psychic said came true, but what she failed to mention was the awesome, incredible opportunity that came along that made me leave!

The picture she painted was so bleak and negative about the whole thing, when in reality, it was actually an amazing opportunity that lined up perfectly!

A few other “bad” things that the psychic told me also came true, but in a much more positive and loving way then she had depicted.

It was then that I realized, that as talented as a psychic may be, you can’t always trust the person delivering the messages and you can’t always trust that you are ready to understand the messages either.

Think of a psychic like a radio. If the radio is well made and full of clean, positive energy, the sound quality is going to come through perfectly. But if the radio is old, worn and beaten, the sound quality is going to be poor, muffled and even confusing to understand.

Even being an intuitive reader I understand this too. I may receive a message, but it is how I deliver the message that is even more important. It how the message comes out of the radio that determines its quality and accuracy.

So, to answer the question- can you trust a psychic to know your destiny? The answer is really no.

This is not to say that there aren’t some incredible psychics out there that can offer amazing guidance and assistance, but you have to be picky about who you choose to see.

At the end of the day, the only person you can trust with your destiny is yourself, your soul and the mysterious workings of the Universe.

While psychics and intuitives are a fabulous way to get clarity and to look deeper into the energies surrounding you, you have to keep an open mind.

You need to take the messages that you do receive that resonate with you and your own intuition and leave the rest to unfold as it needs to.

And if you do receive something you don’t want to hear, perhaps consider for a moment that it is not as bad as it seems and that with your own inner strength and power, there is nothing that you can’t work through or achieve.



~via ForeverConscious.com

KRISTOPHER LOVE: “7 Tips To Awaken Your Hidden Psychic Power”


Have you ever known the phone was going to ring before it happened?  Or maybe you had an intuition about what someone was going to say before they said it?  Have you ever had a dream that came true?  Some people are said to be fully psychic but we are all intuitive to some degree.

If you follow these steps you’ll improve your psychic abilities to a noticeable degree and they may even become useful to you in your daily life:

Inner Psychic Tip #1 – Meditation

While there are many meditation practices all over the world, one thing is for certain, quieting your mind is the first step toward understanding that you are not your thoughts and that thoughts simply exist.  When you have a clear distinction between what you know as you and what you know as thoughts, you can begin to witness the nature of thoughts that are in what we call “the field”.  The field of thoughts are available like Wi-Fi signals with certain places and people being more conductive for them and some places being less so.

Thoughts are more seen as a translation of energy, some people being clear translators and others being very distorted.  The more into our ego we are, the less of a clear channel you can receive.  This is because the energy you translate will tend to become what we call “personalized” by our personalities of course.

The best psychics are able to stop the mind chatter and allow the messages from angels, spirit guides, departed loved ones and the Divine to come through.  If you wish to develop your own intuitive abilities, meditation is key to calming the mental chatter.

Inner Psychic Tip #2 – Trust Your Gut

Most people have accumulated some sort of negative experiences along the path of following the natural flow of life.  There is a clear difference between following your gut instinct and going with the flow.

There is an instinctive magnetism that is created when your spirit senses the path you should take.  HOWEVER a lot of people go with the flow and ignore their instinct by following the herd or going down the safe route.  Remember the road less traveled always requires a trailblazer.  This time that’s you.  Listen to the inner source more often and eventually you wont listen to anything else.

Inner Psychic Tip #3 – Get Creative

Remember how I said the road less traveled requires a trailblazer?  The creative spark that exists within you is an extremely important component to your ability to channel information from “the field”.

The more creative you become, the more in tune you will be when your guides, your family, or yourself calls you to listen on a higher plane of thought.  The creative space requires you to tune in and allow life to unfold through your body.  From inventions, speech, art, etc… you can use this energy to impact the world around you and its great practice for a psychic medium.

Inner Psychic Tip #4 – Take Classes

Many good psychics teach classes to help others to connect and develop their abilities.  Some even teach classes online, which can be just as inspiring and effective as those taught in person.  Search around and see what teachers or classes resonate with you.  Again, trust your gut.  More often than not, you’ll just have a good feeling about a certain teacher or class that is right for you.

Try to avoid teachers who may have a “my way or the highway” attitude.  A good spiritual teacher will be able to help you navigate and better understand what your own special gifts or abilities are.

Inner Psychic Tip #5 – Communicate With Your Soul

As you begin your journey to uncover your own unique abilities, you may not be fully aware of your spirit and how it works in mysterious ways to help you.  That’s okay.  It may sound crazy but as you begin to speak with yourself, you will gain a clear channel of intuition through your environment and your subtle sense of energy around you.  You may even hear clear messages in the form of audible voice, and sometimes its just a magnetism you sense from “the field” which you can then translate into an understanding instantly.  Write down any messages you think you may be getting, even if you’re not sure.

Inner Psychic Tip #6 – Keep a Dream Journal

The dream state is the one plane of existence that is specifically designed to reflect your subconscious mind.  When you are in the dream state your mind is obviously in a more relaxed state and thus allows you to reflect, real-time, in the form of stories and interactions.  The more you write down these dreams the clearer your recall will become.

Some people even have instances of coming in contact with past and future selves, spirit guides, angelic beings etc.  When you come to a certain level of attention during the dream state you can navigate the collective subconscious known as the astral plane and this is a point in which we can also begin a deeper navigation into our psychic powers.

Inner Psychic Tip #7 – Learn About Your Chakras

Chakras are energy point within your body and that can provide you with different ways to access psychic information.  Keeping your energy system clear and healthy is as important to your well being as bathing and brushing your teeth.  Being able to understand this energy is vital to your success in developing your psychic senses.  There is plenty of information on the internet that may guide you to YouTube or even books & PDFs.

We all have the ability to tap into our psychic abilities and as we get older they become more and more useful to us as our responsibility in the world increases.



~via spiritualunite.com

TANAAZ (Forever Conscious): “Intuitive Predictions for the Energy of 2017”


The early part of 2017 is all going to be about transition. We are moving out of the energy of 2016 and into the energy of 2017, and it will take some time before we really start feeling the contrast.

2017 holds the vibration of fresh starts and new beginnings. It is also a time to think about the seeds that we want to plant and cultivate for the future. If 2016 was a time to prepare the soil, 2017 is going to be a time to plant things.

How you have prepared your soil is going to determine what type of harvest you are able to achieve in 2017. Everyone is at their own pace and at different levels on their journey, so try not to compare your journey to others.

Some people are going to reap huge bountiful harvests in 2017, while others will have a smaller garden. It all just depends on where you need to be at this stage on your evolutionary journey.

2017 opens with a powerful Eclipse season that starts in February. On February 10th we have our first Lunar Eclipse of the year which is going to fall in the fire sign of Leo.

All fire signs are going to feel amplified this year, not just because of this Eclipse but also because of the overall energetic tone of the year. This is a very fiery year and while fire is very cleansing and purifying, it can also be extremely destructive if not contained.

Following the Lunar Eclipse, we have a  Solar Eclipse in Pisces on February 26th. At this point we are really going to start shifting out of 2016 and into 2017 energetically. In fact, it may not be until this Solar Eclipse that we really start feeling a different energetic vibration.

In March we also have the Equinox on the 20th, which is really going to supercharge the energy of the year. It is at this time that we are really going to have a clearer understanding of what is ahead.

Also at this time, Venus is going to be in the depths of her retrograde. This is a very significant time that is really going to be helping us adjust our feelings of love and femininity. This is not just in our personal relationships, but it will also be felt on a global level as well.

Venus retrograde is going to be a powerful theme in the first part of 2017 and is going to really help us to open and expand the energy of love. It may also bring up issues that need to be discussed like equal rights for women and love for the planet and fellow human beings. (For more on this, join me for my Venus Retrograde Workshop!)

The middle of 2017 from May to August, there is also going to be energy that brings upheaval and maybe even events that seem to come out of the blue or by surprise.

This is a significant time period where we are really going to be able to see what type of soil we have been able to create. Have we created soil that is going to grow all of our dreams and wishes? Or do we need to adjust a few things?

This will also be seen on a global level as well. As a society, have we been preparing soil that is fertile, loving and able to hold space for new creations? Or is the soil poisoned with ego, greed and corruption?

From May to August we will be feeling this energy on a global level, and it is likely that things may be stirring at this point in order for us to see what needs to be changed and what needs our loving attention.

August especially is going to be a deeply reflective time, and a time where we our coming into a clarity over what we want to achieve and where we are heading under the energy of this new cycle.

This is going to be amplified by the Lunar Eclipse which falls on August 7th in the sign of Aquarius. Air signs are going to feel this one strongly, but because Aquarius also rules humanity and we are in the Age of Aquarius, it is likely we will all be delivered a pretty significant message around this time.

The end of 2017 ends on a very high note. It seems that no matter what happens throughout the year, the Universe is always on our side and we are all going to feel very much guided and supported.

The last few months of the year are filled with positive opportunities and lots of energy that is going to help us get where we need to be. In fact, it really seems that 2017 is a stepping stone onto much bigger and better things.

2017 also holds the vibration of  “7 ” which is an extremely magical and spiritual number that carries a lot of significance.

Even though the dark side of humanity may be illuminated, there is a silver lining to this and 2017 is going to give rise to many spiritual awakenings.

Through this darkness, we are going to have a lot of light beings emerge and there will be an acceleration of light workers on earth.

Many light workers will also step into the full power of their gifts in 2017, and there will be a growing emergence of people seeking out this type of healing energy.

Overall, 2017 is going to be a year of adjustments. We are adjusting to a new energy and a new cycle which is going to continue for the next 9 years.

2017 is a foundational year and is part of a bigger cycle of transformation that we are all destined to experience as beings of this planet, and we all have a lot to look forward to.

~via ForeverConscious.com