L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “We Are Transmitting To You Now ~ Feel and Receive”

“It is the Union of the Dimensional Aspects of YOU ~ that create the New Earth.  The New Way of Being that you Desire.  As this was always part of the Plan.  We are the Divine Council of Overseers ~ we are here transmitting to YOU ~ expanding levels of consciousness as Light Frequencies.  You were aware that you ~ NOW ~ were going to receive this.  Now.”

~The Divine Council of Overseers through L’Aura Pleiadian



Some of you are wondering why you have not yet fully transformed. The transformation is a Union and a merging. This is a process of Alchemy.

You exist in the Higher states of consciousness and higher Divine dimensions now.

You are here on this journey and descent into the lower dimensions to then fully merge in your consciousness with the Higher Dimensional aspects of you as Light.

Monitored, through your Soul and Life Plan ~ that is, through your Blueprint. Your Higher Divine Self.

There are many Higher Aspects of You that are watching and guiding your INNER process. All things that take place you agreed to.

What you need to learn, experience, and release is there for a reason and is part of your unique plan.

Any need to control “the unfolding” of the plan through your mental efforts, is a part of you, that also is no mistake. Your thoughts and intentions are the frequency of you. Which plays out, till you are ready for your next level.

ALL is there as part of your journey.

The merging of your personality with your Higher Aspects of you as Divine Light, is not a linear process.

This includes the release of memories that have charged aspects of fears, and pain, that are to be released. This freeing from your patterns, opens your consciousness to the Union with you as the Divine Ascended Being that you are.

It is not that you are not already that ~ you ARE.

It is the Union of the Dimensional Aspects of YOU ~ that create the New Earth. The New Way of Being that you Desire.

As this was always part of the Plan.

We are the Divine Council of Overseers ~ we are here transmitting to YOU ~ expanding levels of consciousness as Light Frequencies.

You were aware that you ~ NOW ~ were going to receive this. Now.

All is in perfect timing ~ even though the mind, may want all things now.

It is not the part that understands the non linear process of this merging in Union with your Higher Aspects. We Love your thoughts and minds, and it is through this love ~ that the Union takes place. Unaware.

Then one day~ you see and know that you are a different Being. You are now living here as your Higher Self.

All changes when the change takes place within you, and it is.

All Now ~ we release the flooding of Central Sun Light into all levels and Dimensions of your Being.

Feel and receive the Love and Higher Aspects of your Divine Self Now.

Feel through your Heart. We are here.

In The Divine Eternal Grace, that Unites all Dimensions and Aspects of You ~ in this Great Divine Eternal Union. Now.





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We Are Transmitting To You Now ~ Feel and Receive

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L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “Planet Earth ~ The Playground of Sovereign Light Beings”

Angelic Higher Self.png

“Breathe this in and FEEL. This too is beyond words. Yet words are used as this is what we do on Earth at one level. Your subconscious understands. You open and receive your next level NOW.”

~L’Aura Pleiadian


The different dimensions of consciousness play out their uniqueness simultaneously on this planet.

Many Beings of consciousness and Light, live beyond, above and below, so to speak, of the radar of 3D rules of play.

All the parallel worlds of consciousness converge into a single level of awareness as an embodiment of the Ascended state of Being.

This takes place through the present moment.

The playing out becomes the flow.

The Flow becomes all there is.

As in the hooked up state so to speak, with all the dimensions, you know there is nothing that you are apart from, or could be separated from, through time.

So we have the 3D world, we have the 4th and 5th, which at the higher levels, those names or titles are not used. They are only used as reference points for those experiencing a limitation through time. Time consciousness.

So 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, all exist here not and beyond.

It is your attuning to no time, that becomes your initiation to ALL that exists Beyond time.

This may take place in spurts or leaps as the process is not linear in time.

It exists already.

Planet Earth is the converging of Light processes and states of consciousness, including timelines, that TRANSPORT the experience of Earth Beings, into the most magical mystical place in the Universe.

This transporting so to speak, takes place through your levels of consciousness, which exist NOW ~ yet beyond your current awareness.

You cannot know anything that you do not already experience.

You cannot give what you do not have.

It is the most beatific interplay of all that exists, whether you are aware of it or not, based on how hooked up you are to the levels within your own consciousness.

The levels of fear are always what stands between one level and the next.

This fear of fear is what keeps you at one level till you are ready for the next level.

The Glorious Light where you exist as the Original YOU and are already hooked up with is so simple and child like, yet impossible for the mind to understand, something so simple. If NOT IN IT. EXPERIENCING IT.

Being ready for this alignment is the process of understanding your own consciousness, making peace with your subconscious, so that in Harmony you expand without fear, to ALL that you already are.

Breathe this in and FEEL.

This too is beyond words.

Yet words are used as this is what we do on Earth at one level.

Your subconscious understands.

You open and receive your next level NOW.

You relax into fear, and Love yourself through the process.

Because you do.

You mimic your Higher self till the ONLY “I” you know is your Higher Self.

Then you are aligned consciously  with ALL the WORLDS that are here playing out on Earth Now.

You then know your uniqueness.

You take your place as your Sovereign Unique Divine Higher Self.

Because you are unique.

You are preparing to live your unique destiny as a Sovereign Being of Light.

Being the one and only ORIGINAL that was only created once.


Relax, breathe and receive.

I love you!






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Planet Earth ~ The Playground of Sovereign Light Beings

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L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “Loving your Inner Angel ~ Loving as your Higher Self”

Inner Angel (9).png

“This is not a dress rehearsal, so to speak.  You have had many of those.  Those of you in the first Wave of Ascension, this is it!  Wake up!  Pay Attention.  Look deep WITHIN.  Instead of clues out there, look inside.  It is all there.  Every experience.  Every thought, emotion, pain, sadness, love and Joy!  It is all within you.”

~L’Aura Pleiadian


So you are Awake, you are Aware.

Just how awake and aware are YOU?

Have you noticed things that previously you were not aware of?

Are you seeing the GROWTH and Expansion of your Consciousness?

Are you aware enough, OBSERVING enough to notice? I mean really notice, what is going on with you? Deep in side YOU?

What is going on deep inside you? Do you know?

How does it feel DEEP inside you? DO you know?

Have you sought out the deepest darkest spaces within you, where you inner child is WAITING for the Love from you. The recognition, ALL parts of your consciousness deserve from YOU.

That is not someones else’s job title, no lover, no friend, no companion can do this for you, as everyone is your MIRROR. Meaning the love you have for yourself is the love you experience from someone else.

As it is YOUR consciousness that is in the PROCESS of Transformation.

It is your consciousness that is expanding, is it not?

Is it?

Are you expanding in the awareness you carry with you as your consciousness as you go about your day? Those daily tasks? Are they feeling like sacred ritual to you? Or simply chores and work.

Everything I mean everything, becomes sacred when you experience it through your OWN Sacred Divinity.

This is not a dress rehearsal, so to speak. You have had many of those. Those of you in the first Wave of Ascension, this is it! Wake up! Pay Attention. Look deep WITHIN.

Instead of clues out there, look inside. It is all there.

Every experience.

Every thought, emotion, pain, sadness, love and Joy! It is all within you.

Your Blueprint is a series of Activations and a deactivation also takes place when you complete things that you came here to experience and learn. Once you have learned whatever it is, you no longer experience it. Have you noticed that?

Still struggling with certain issues? LOOK inside, listen to that voice that is deep inside you. Give HONOUR and Respect and LOVE that voice, within.  It is worthy of the greatest love.

Shoving that off to the back burner so to speak, well, IT HAS to be Loved sometime by YOU!

Take precious time, to set aside the time, to Love yourself. To love and honour the child within that needs your love. There is no bypassing this LOVE stage, at is only through this love, that you ENTER a NEW LIFE.

The Life, the timeline, where you no longer need to experience painful learning experiences because you GOT IT. You Loved the pain within.

You held sacred your inner frightened child, LIKE as if, it was the ANGEL you were waiting for, but came wrapped UP  in what seemed like scary darkness. YET it really WAS and IS the ANGEL, waiting to be set free, WITHIN YOU.

That is right. WITHIN you. You have it all inside you.

This is HOW you become the CONSCIOUS Benevolent, Higher Self YOU. You love as your Higher SELF Loves! You start with YOU. You enter Gods Light, with YOU. You Enter FULLY this Love.

It is not out there. It is already within you. The New Timeline is already within you also.

It is a frequency, it is an activation.

GRACE will take you there. To the space and place within, that you recognize your Divinity. So much so, you are completely healed, loved, recognized, held as SACRED by…….YOU. That is it. It is you. It is love, it is joy.

You are Sacred and DIVINE.

The Sacred Treasure of your Glory and Light.

To experience this LOVE ~ the true love, open to receive.

TRULY receive.

That means, to receive more, you need to open up more.

The more you open up the more you expand in your consciousness.

This may feel scary, as it moves your consciousness into what feels like new territory.

YET, it is a state of consciousness, that you desire to feel and receive.

This is why Grace is so Benevolent. IT knows, that you are afraid at times. It knows, and holds your hand, and Loves you. YOU also too, your inner child, do this for your inner child, will YOU? Will you lovingly do this, so that you open to a new level of consciousness?

Let us do some Activations now. As the Power is in the Love and the Grace.

YOUR use of your will, is to open up and receive. OPEN, relax, breathe and feel.

Feel the LOVE, feel the release. FEEL the celebration, feel the BLISS.

I love you and activate the Love within you, can you feel this?



I enter an expanded state of consciousness that opens the DOORS of my INNER Temple, to the LOVE I have always longed for, and wanted to receive. I feel myself and my heart opening now and I RECEIVE.

I understand, that this Love is Gods Love, Eternal Love, and it has nothing to do with earning it, or being worthy. Grace is Grace, and Grace Loves to be Grace, because it is….

I Allow myself to tenderly love the pain inside me, as if my inner child was waiting for my LOVE all along.

This is my part in this, to consciously Love myself.

I am The Loving God (Higher Self, God Self) to my sacred ANGEL within ME.

This Gives me sacred permission, to love more, open more, receive more. To live, a Life in Sacred Union. My inner Child, my God Self, my Higher self, my Original Light. My Sacred Divinity.

My will is the will of my Higher Self now.

I have Entered the Heart of God ~ The Heart of my Higher Self and I have become it, consciously, NOW. I am Activated NOW as the Heart of God, My Higher Self, my Divinity NOW on all levels of my Being.

It feels LIKE Heavenly Freedom within me, as I receive Grace, Love and Open more and more. And Love myself more and more.

My Divine Angelic Self, is now shining its Glorious Light, within me, Now.

It is now, and I receive NOW, this truth, this Activation, this Sacred Divine  LOVE and HOLY Divine Grace. And so it is! Always and Forever.

IN Eternal Love, Joy, Bliss and Glory, in the Very Heart of God, all NOW.



Eternal Love and Bliss!


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KARA SCHALLOCK: “Being the Light We Are”



Many judge chaos as something to avoid, including me in the past. Yet when we can move beyond judging something as either good or bad, we enter Neutrality, which is a sacred place and one that is not of duality. When we can be neutral, we transcend duality, which judgment is a part of. Out of chaos comes Balance. It is like a mobile. When one part of a mobile is removed, chaos ensues. The mobile bounces around till it finds its new Balance, and we are the same. If we can remain neutral and observe, we do not attach to one side or the other; we patiently observe and wait till the new Balance is created. In the new Balance, born from chaos, old patterns are dissolved and all rearrange themselves in new ways of being. As we allow all things to shift, we balance. As we detach from judging something as good or bad, we allow Divine Order to create the New.

More and more we are guided to let go of any attachment to a person, a pattern, a belief, or to a celestial event (such as Moon phases or a Solstice or Equinox or gateway). Too often we attach to a person, who we believe has “the answer” or to a particular belief system; even to the word “Ascension.” The person isn’t the one to pay attention to; it is the information that they share and then we either resonate with it or we don’t. As soon as we attach to something, we stop our evolution and place that person or thing we’re attached to in a box, which limits them as well. We are meant to continually evolve. If you find yourself changing and moving away from certain static thoughts, no matter how spiritual or “right” you think they are in the Moment, honor how your Heart and Soul are guiding you. Remember, moments change; what is true for you in one Moment can be an illusion in the next. The message is to keep changing; keep moving as you feel guided forward.

Realize that we each have a life created by Soul. Soul knows what experiences lead us to be fully awakened. Every change we experience is in Divine Order. If we do not resist and instead surrender to everything in life, we can be in touch with the gift within each experience. Every person who comes into our life brings more Awareness. This is true even when that person seems to dredge up pain within us. Often a person runs the other way instead of discovering the gift that the other offers. This is not to say that one should stay in an abusive or difficult situation, but that it helps to understand what is within us that attracted them in the first place or what attracted us to them. It helps to see what lies beneath the pain of one who helps us understand what is within us. Of course, there are those who have not awakened and who project their own pain onto us without taking Responsibility for it themselves. Yet, if they are in your life, they are there for a reason.

By shining one’s own Light, realize it is not for the purpose of fixing or healing another, for that is their job; it simply is for the purpose to shine authentically and what another does with your Light is their choice. Our purpose is simply to shine authentically. We are not here to change another; we are here to be Who we are. If your Light happens to help another awaken, and it really is up to them to awaken or not, then fine. When one is activated, they may discover they are not very happy about it, for then they see themselves in truth and realize that they must change things in their mundane life. It means that they must be responsible for all their thoughts, actions and feelings…so different from blaming circumstances on others. By being yourself (your Divine Self) and allowing others to be who they choose to be is all we are here to do. For in being authentic, your Light automatically flows out and touches all.

Instead of searching for your purpose or labeling yourself this or that, life is to be lived. Personally, I don’t label myself as a lightworker or anything, for then I limit myself and I keep evolving. A label only serves to confine. Each experience is designed to help us evolve. Avoiding life, even the mundane aspects of it, does not help you evolve. If you can see the underlying message in every aspect of life, you are fully awake. Once you receive the message, then you take a step in the direction it is guiding you to go. Everything and everyone has a message for you. If you perceive someone is against you or that life is, shift your perception to Love and you will see that all is helping you evolve.

By clearing yourself, you become more Light and you add your Light, by being yourself, to the evolving New Earth Light web. (I see it as a pulsating web and not a solid grid.) Did you know that all the elements of Earth are within you? Earth and ourselves are not separate entities, nor are we separate from anything or anyone. The more Light you are, the more you shine and thus the higher energies may exist on Earth, when they could not survive before when all was in such duality and darkness. Let go of all the distractions in the world like the election in the U.S; the countries that are transforming and all in your daily life that serve to take you from what you have agreed to do… to raise the vibration of Earth. Realize that all is unfolding in Divine Order.

Being still truly helps, as it is in your Stillness that you can hear your Soul. It is when old concerns can be dissolved into Love. In Stillness, you can remember why you are on Earth at this time. You access the Wisdom of your Soul. This bigger view helps to balance you. Always seek the bigger picture. While there are many very big changes on Earth at this time happening within us and around us, it is important to trust your inner voice, rather than the old thinking that something is wrong. Stand in your Power; the Power of being authentically you.

We are in an acceleration of becoming more Light and more Love. This acceleration can create fear as old layers surface to be released. The fear erodes your Confidence, for what you may have projected that this time would be like… nothing but Bliss and Joy… may not seem like that at all, depending on where you are in your Path of Evolving. Your perceptions about yourself and the world are drastically changing and this is all a part of your evolution. Trust it. Much is coming to Light. You may not resonate with what you have resonated with before this Moment; you may see the deeper Truth of others’ old agendas. Pay attention and do not take anything for granted. Trust your Guidance, even if it seems to go against what everyone else is saying or doing.

Be sure to take your time before making any decision. Choose with great care, while you let go of any impulsivity or old compulsions. Do not make a decision unconsciously and if you are guided to wait, do. When in doubt, wait and always be in your New Integrity, which is different from the old rules, which isn’t Integrity at all. Integrity is following your own Heart; not the rules of your society or upbringing. Realize that your Truth is always shifting alongside of your consciousness. Do not be too concerned if you were so sure in one moment of a direction just to have it shift the next moment. Every choice you make creates your life and creates the New Earth. Choose wisely. If you experience endings, let it be without trying to fix something. That which is aligned with you stays and that which is not leaves.

Remember to stay in the Moment. We simply do not know what the future holds, for it is not Now. I know many speculate; however, it is best to simply live in each present Moment; for it is in this Moment that all our Wisdom is in.


~ ~ ~


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L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “Entering the Portal of Your Divinity ~ Exalting the Everyday Practical”

latest heaven.jpg

“Let us make all things MYSTICAL.  Let us make all things a DIVINE Ritual.  Let us step into the timeline where that is so!  Where we consciously are aware of LIVING as that.  Through the practise of this PRESENCE.”

~L’Aura Pleiadian


Time exists within you as a state of consciousness that anticipates a separate future, based on the idea of separate experiences and memories of a past. There is what appears as a FUTURE timeline. Yet it exists already now.

This future timeline is taking place now, your consciousness is awaiting your expanded state of consciousness; your shift in consciousness, to CONSCIOUSLY experience it.

When we take the everyday ordinary TASKS and move them deeply WITHIN as a state of Divine Consciousness (5th Dimensional Consciousness) we shift our timeline to the NOW.

This is how your Divinity experiences ITSELF. It knows itself in UNION with all aspects of yourself, that occur simultaneously in many parallel worlds and timelines.

Accessing more of your conscious Divinity in form and waking yourself up to your multidimensional consciousness, occurs naturally as you evolve into the present moment, through your heart.

Consciously accelerating your conscious experience of the Divine You, involves your active intention, focus and ATTENTION to the Presence of your Divine Self, in all moments.

Which brings us to the purpose of this writing, activation.

IN all moments… We sit in silence, we listen to audio activations… we surrender, we receive. Then life takes place. The shopping, the cleaning, the chores.

Let us take the DIVINE Presence of our Divinity and PLACE it in an exalted valued and cherished PLACE in our Daily lives, through consciously making all of our daily tasks, DIVINE.

Let us make all things MYSTICAL. Let us make all things a DIVINE Ritual.

Let us step into the timeline where that is so! Where we consciously are aware of LIVING as that. Through the practise of this PRESENCE.

Through the mimicking (may feel like that at first) of a timeline, where ALL moments ARE Mystical, magical, and surreal beyond our imagination.

Let us put the magic back into, how life was created to be.

All changes are WITHIN.

Having the attitude, intention, attention and focus of this way of BEING within, is what LANDS you, so to speak, into the timeline, where that magical life is as natural as breathing.

Speaking of breathing, let us start there NOW.

Feel your heartbeat, WITHIN YOU. Feel your breath within YOU.



Now, let us start with a Sacred Intention, then let us practise this as a WAY of LIVING within US. That sparks the Divine Presence within us through all activities. That begins a new life WITHIN us. Which CHANGES everything.

This is a Game Changer.


I Sacredly Intend, to Live as the Divine Being that I Am already, in all moments. (really feel this in your Heart)

I Sacredly Intend, Focus, Commit, through the practise of my ATTENTION on my DIVINITY, to Become the Conscious Embodiment of my Divinity, Now.

I  OPEN to, all daily tasks, work, chores and the mundane, to become for me A MAGICAL ritual, in which I sacredly honour my Divinity and Acknowledge its Presence within ME, with me, on ALL levels of my Being, NOW.

I receive this Divine Activation of this increased activated AWARENESS as the Divine DOORWAY and Portal to my experience of my EXALTED Timeline, where all moments are Divinely MAGICAL, now.

I live, breathe, think and feel as MY DIVINE self, my DIVINE EMBODIMENT of my Divine Ascended Being, in ALL moments NOW.


And IT is, as it already is! All NOW, through the Glorious Exaltation of Divine Presence. The Radiant Light of the Eternal, within. United in the Glorious Union, with all timelines, all Now. IN Divine Love and Glory! I love you!


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “Take the New Highway ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness”

Aliens and Pyramids (2).png

“5th Dimensional Consciousness exists in Unconditional Love. The state of expanded consciousness that IS Unconditional LOVE. This unconditional LOVE is the state of consciousness that is your DIVINE SELF.”

~L’Aura Pleiadian


You can continue on the OLD road, the road that needs repair. That is 3D consciousness. The work of repairing leads to the realization (eventually) that nothing needs repairing.

3D was simply a learning experience leading to the AWAKENING of 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

That realization is YOU can simply go on the NEW Road. The New Path. You do not need to fix the old one. That AHA moment, is profound. As truly there is ONLY consciousness.

Endless 3D repairing of a Highway a Path that leads only to more 3D and the internal CONFLICT that EGO constantly provides as its teacher.

Ego thrives in CONFLICT. The great news is there is NO need to repair the OLD structure of CONSCIOUSNESS you call 3D.

5th Dimensional Consciousness exists in Unconditional Love. The state of expanded consciousness that IS Unconditional LOVE.

This unconditional LOVE is the state of consciousness that is your DIVINE SELF.

You may simply step onto the new Highway of Love, 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Through your intention and your opening to receive. That which is ALREADY existing in the expanded consciousness state of YOU. As your Divine Higher Self. Angelic Self. Whatever you want to call this Higher Aspect of you that is the Divine You.

Your Divine Self lives in Perfect Awareness that all is PERFECT Now.

OR you may consciously choose to SIMPLY enter the New Road, the New Highway, the NEW PATH. 5th Dimensional Consciousness, WHERE there is nothing to FIX.

It is perfect. It is the embracing of WHAT IS NOW.

In this every MOMENT here and NOW awareness of 5th Dimensional Consciousness, YOU ACCESS ~ WHAT IS! Already! Now!

You Access that expanded CONSCIOUS you State of Being that is the PERFECT image and reflection of the DIVINE.

The Divine Self ~ where there exists no right or wrong.

NO reactive states of consciousness held as YOUR MEMORY in your Blueprint.

Here you have cleared those memories of reactive painful states of 3D consciousness and you have entered the MAGICAL REALM of God.

Of Being your Higher Self.

It is simply, all will come to this, eventually.

It is available NOW, it is a state of consciousness NOW.

It exists NOW.

Expand and Receive NOW. 

Breathe, relax and feel. SLOW down. Now. 


I have nothing to repair as I can now enter the path, the Highway of inner experience of the 5th Dimension. 

I leave that old relentless repairing stage of consciousness, I embrace what is new to my consciousness. I EMBRACE and Live in 5th Dimensional Consciousness where NOTHING needs repairing. 

I Live as this DIVINE Expanded State of Consciousness now.

I am Activated fully in this new PATH this new WAY, that I MAY simply ENTER, now. 

On this new Path, I live as my Divine Higher Self. All NOW. 


And so it is! Eternal Angels of the Light! I Am with YOU! The New Path, where nothing in the so-called past, needs fixing! It was simply a consciousness learning experience. I love you!




Eternal Love and  Bliss!


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L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “Merging the Consciousness of Matter with Your Higher Self”

Mind Matrix.png

We are stepping into the DIMENSION that merges all awareness. Where our God Self becomes the New Human. Where the old passes away and the NEW becomes new. Even though it was always present.

~L’Aura Pleiadian


5th Dimensional Consciousness, matter, the subconscious and memory. Our Data bank of memory is held in the inner computer of our Soul.

Our Blueprint.

This is about existing in the future timeline FULLY as the Ascended 5th Dimensional YOU ~ You as your God Self! Divine Self! Now consciously.

The stored memories are either positively or negatively charged responses of consciousness. This is the same energy just at different frequencies of polarity.

When the link is dissolved from all past memories of either good or bad responses   we have a clear Blueprint and are functioning in the moment, in a new world.

We experience a new world and see everything differently because our inner computer is now free from all past reactive states. In this clear state, we fully unite with our Higher Self and exist  in a new Dimension.

Your eternal Higher Self (or God Self, whatever you want to call “IT”) exists in a DIFFERENT dimension than the consciousness of your form in 3D.

It does not experience things as negative or positive.

The reactive states and memories are held in the subconscious where they appear to the conscious mind as hidden.

Consciousness never sleeps.

24 hours each day your consciousness is functioning through you. There is no difference between the daytime communication system with your Soul and the nighttime sleep state communication with your Soul.

Your Higher Self  never sleeps.

Your Ascension is a shift of consciousness as matter in 3D  that experiences itself in a new frequency dimension.

This changes the consciousness of your form, that sees itself DIFFERENTLY through the eyes of your Higher Self existing as one in a Higher Frequency Dimension.

These dimensions already exist. You exist there already.

We are taking matter from one dimension (body, form, DNA, consciousness) that functioned through polarity consciousness and UNITING and Marrying it with the consciousness of your Higher Self, Divine Self, God Self.

Our forms are evolving.

Our form is consciousness and representative of the consciousness that we function through. Through the dimension we function through.

Freedom from reactive states. Freedom from perceived limitations of consciousness. WE are experiencing what MATTER really is.

What consciousness really is.

What it symbolizes.  What dimensions are.

We are learning the new communication. Understanding the dimensions, consciousness, DNA and all matter.

We are stepping into the DIMENSION that merges all awareness.

Where our God Self becomes the New Human. Where the old passes away and the NEW becomes new. Even though it was always present. Our consciousness was expanding to consciously CONVERGE with it.

So now, relax and breathe deeply.

Feel your breath. Your breath is consciousness and it links you to all of your Soul experiences in all dimensions.

It links you to now. Where they all exist.

Feel this, and breathe slowly.


My consciousness as my Ascended Self is fully activated now, within my Blueprint. (feel)

All reactive memories of good and bad are now cleared. (feel)

I see, feel and experience myself in this Higher Dimension now. (feel)

This now integrates deeply within all dimensions and timelines now as the NEW ME. The Ascended me. The Divine Me. (feel)

I live in the Glory of my Higher Self. (feel)

It is complete, I am One, with my God Self. Now. (feel)


And so it is! More Soon! I love You Divine Angels of Light!


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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