MORAG: “Incoming Energetic Upgrades”

Energetic Upgrades

Further recalibration of our mind body soul system is kicking in. Huge shifts in consciousness are now available. Chakra activation and expansion requires self care, listening to our changing needs and responding.

Root chakra excavation is ongoing. Releasing stuck dense childhood, ancestral and past life karma drains us. This can also affect our digestion and ability to process heavier foods. Raw food, salads and vegetables help to keep things moving, energetic flow.

A growing awareness of meat as animal is common, we may feel unable to consume meat the way we used to. Plastic wrapped meat has disconnected us from the animal, the living creature. Seek alternatives in your diet.

Solar plexus and sacral chakra upgrades can make us feel sea sick. Lightening our system, unplugging from matrix toxins, is a very physical element of this transition to crystalline beings. Many will be experiencing upset stomachs, digestion issues and loss of appetite.

Let go of old behaviour patterns. Listen to your body. Aim for smaller, regular portions of healthy food. This offers our systems clean fuel every 2 to 3 hours to power us through this transition.

We are craving sugar and caffeine as our energy levels drop significantly during these intense periods of DNA upgrades.

The matrix conditions us to reach for stimulants when we feel tired. We are cogs in their wheel, programmed to work work work. Deprogramming requires we tune into our system, we respond to need not expectations or habit.

Aches and pains in our limbs, back, neck and shoulders can make us feel rundown. Stay hydrated. Many of us are drinking water all the time yet still experiencing dry skin, irritations and achiness.

The recalibration process requires massive amounts of water keeping our sysyems hydrated. We can’t really drink enough water. Aim to replace fizzy drinks, synthetic fruit juices and caffeine based drinks with water. Squeeze fresh fruit like lime or lemon into cold water to clean our tubes from the inside out. This will reenergise us.

Use deep moisturisers regularly on skin to avoid infection. Have moisture baths using essential oils to ease this deep and profound process of change.

Chakra activations to the throat, third eye and crown can really mess with our heads! Headaches, sudden tiredness, spaciness, struggling with linear living, forgetting appointments, feeling fuzzy and averse to comittments of our time can all be experienced.

If you find yourself needing to lie down, rest and even sleep in the day, this is not lazy or lax as the matrix tells us. This is an energetic response to the intense shifts in frequencies 2017 is bringing.

We use up lots of energy recalibrating our system. It’s important we allow ourselves to rest, give our systems the space to expand, strengthen and clear.

Heart and throat chakra expansion cause physical symptoms like heart palpitations, lower blood pressure, chest infections, coughs and flu symptoms. The stuck energy, the lower vibrations need to be loosened, shaken up and released. We expel mucus, a physical manifestation of energetic karma.

Dry stubborn coughs indicate trouble finding your voice. Feeling like something is caught in our throat or chest can signify blocks to heart led living or stepping into our true identity.

We can clear energetic discord and matrix interference enabling free flow through our energetic system. Seek rest, talk less, let your system realign itself with simpler living. Energy work like yoga, tai chi, reiki, sound baths can all help this process.

Ear popping, buzzing sounds and earache signify upper chakras coming online. We can hear the changes in frequency around us. This can make us feel sea sick as our systems adjust and try and stay balanced.

An overhaul of our general lifestyle may be required, unsurprising when you consider the incredible process we are experiencing. Accelerated evolution was never going to be easy. Tune up your antennae to your body, treat yourself gently.

This is going to be quite a ride beautiful people. Take care of your physical self to enable full appreciation of the upgrades available. Be kind to yourself. Slow down.

Seek soul nourishment with good people, good food and practising mindfulness. Staying in the present, sleeping when you need to, feeling the flow of gratitude for all that is good in our lives help steady our boats in these cosmic seas of transition.

Mantra: I ask for appropriate upgrades under the protection of my guides.

I send my body love. I open my mind to possibility and hope.

I am a sovereign being connected at all times to universal love light frequency. Namaste.

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By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook WordPress and YouTube.



LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN: “Do YOU Allow Yourself to Fully BE Love, To Fully Fully Fully Experience the Purity of Higher Existence Love? Physical Body Upgrades, OverSoul Embodiment & Higher Light Code Embedding Processes…”



The profoundness, the magnificence, the magical’ness of all things pure…. there is a SACRED LOVE, a DIVINE LOVE that emanates from DEEP within you. It is the Light of your Soul and it is completely pure. It is connected to ALL THINGS AS ONE and it is THIS LOVE that you came here to experience and BE in everything that you are and do.

This pure love has no attachments, expectations or cords. It does not impose to try to make anything be any way at all. It is all accepting, all acknowledging, all understanding…. and it exists within all.

This purity emerges as you cleanse your own distortions and show others fully who you are…. ENERGY…. PURE SOURCE LIGHT…PURE DIVINE ESSENCE LOVE….

This purity RETURNS, it’s who you forgot yourself to be, when you went unconscious, fell beneath veils and /entered the realms of amnesia for your human experience here.

The “ending” of your human existence, signifies the beginning of your HEAVENLY ONE…. all separation once held will cleanse fully from your physical body vessel as your CRYSTALLINE LIGHTBODY activates continually to upgrade the physical matter you walk around in and call a body….. physical matter in form.

This body is evolving continually, upgrading continually, releasing density (separation) and integrating light in every particle and cell. The bones are the structures for your entire reality, the teeth where deeply rooted programs were, the muscles are the gridwork for what holds your realities in place, the organs/glands the systems releasing chemicals into the blood to carry/transport data/messages throughout your organic biological organism system, that breathe life and communicate intelligently with each other as your crystals activate to act as a computer processor….. Your Crystalline Lightbody infuses/merges with your physical one. Re-coding, configuring, reprogramming new codes/coding/encodements into your cellular structures… which is why you are in continual re-calibration mode. The amount of galactic/cosmic/higher light consciousness geometric codes and numerical sequences activating intelligence beyond the limited human one….

You are evolving INTO the PURE ONES and ADVANCED NEW EARTH HUMAN and leaving your entire old existence behind. Anything that supports your new existence might make it through, yet what it represents in your life will be completely different than it was before. Your very highest purposes here, as a Galactic Soul will not include anything that limits you or represents separation consciousness (unconsciousness) anymore. Your highest existence will be FREE from all things unconscious…

Your human will hang on, try to continue to play in realities of fear, judgment, lack and not enough. Your SOUL IS STRONGER by way of patience, it will just wait until you break down, have had enough, let go…. it need not do anything at all…. for these vibrations on earth now… they are stronger than your human fight and resistance is. This is not a punishment as your human likes to believe… it’s YOUR RETURN to an EXISTENCE FORGOTTEN and it’s part of why you are even here. When you really open your heart, truly and fully open your heart to ACCEPT THE DIVINITY of who you are, to FEEL the Divinity and Purity, the miracle, the magnificence and the POWER that you forgot…. then full everything can return to you… but not before.

As each awakens, glimpses or periods of bliss will become visible for you to fully experience and then you will re-enter a dimensional reality where that which is in your reality is not in-alignment with your highest existence here. It will be up to you to MASTER and MANEUVER as your Higher Selves, as the entire Universe again…. You will SEE and REALIZE that there is no one else to do this for you…..

As you shift from the phase of etheric/energetic guides to everything being inside of you, you won’t have anyone to ask “what is right” anymore…. you’ll have to DO from inner honor, inner love, inner guidance…..

Yes, there are Embodied Angels and Embodied Higher Selves, Embodied Galactics and Embodied Source Incarnates already here. They are the forerunners that chose to do this first to guide those who are confused and seek an outside SOURCE that is PURE to assist with easing the affects of the Ascension/Descention/Embodiment process for those who desire to utilize these gifts for an easier experience here. It will be up to you to decide who/what resonates with you. They’ve mastered the process and provide their own experiences to guide you back with greater ease. There are many. You must look for them and then decide if it is of benefit and value to you and your own journey here.

Now, this process will not conform to anything you’ve ever experienced in this physical incarnation. It will push you beyond all of your human limits until you figure out how to push yourself as a higher self being. It will challenge your human continually, until your human dissolves and merges into your other aspects, as you fuse and merge every higher self aspect within your physical body form.

The encodements of each aspect reconfigure your physical body’s DNA/Genetic codes to match that of that aspect, and you have unlimited aspects, so your physical body is working hard. Honor your body, above all. It is intelligent and carries your consciousness. It will tell you what it needs you to do. You will come into UNION with it too. Each higher-self aspect that you activate will work with your physical body to transform physical matter into Crystals so that you can hold Christed Consciousness/God Consciousness/Galactic Consciousness within you…. at all times…. It often takes years to embody an aspect, then months, then a matter of hours once your Crystalline LightBody is fully up and running online. Your human body will be taken offline continually for this upgrade and re-calibration process to occur. The more you try to inner-fear with this, the harder it will be on you. Honor this pivotal process above all. It will be much easier as you do.

There are two ways to do this journey. By being EXPOSED TO PURE SOURCE LOVE AND LIGHT and utilizing the knowledge that EMBODIED LIGHT BEINGS bring forth and share for all or through actual physical experience, doing it yourself (and often what is perceived as loss). One is the Divine Feminine Way and the other is the masculine way (notice I didn’t say Divine on the masculine one). Being exposed to Divine Light will awaken you to the beauty, the magnificence through FEELING IT and EXPERIENCING THIS FULLY…. yet where there is human stubbornness and resistance, then EXPERIENCE of a STRONGER FORCE is actually required to open the heart, for the human is tough with many walls and many limiting beliefs and REQUIRES something STRONGER to break through/get through. Now, one can experience love and open up or one can resist/fight and get opened up. This too is each’s choice by way of chosen human experiences to return to full consciousness again.

For those who actually choose AWAKENING BY EXPOSURE TO PURE LIGHT, by it’s presence and utilize the KNOWLEDGE available to assist you … it will be a much “easier” ride. There are certain things that MUST BE EXPERIENCED for each to understand. The type of experience though can be one of beauty or one of perceived devastation. Each’s resistance or openness always determines this.

There are already EMBODIED LIGHT BEINGS HERE…. Can you recognize us?

Now, after many human linear years of intense and intentional higher consciousness work, activating each aspect, BEing each aspect fully in every moment of each day, each LIGHT BEING moves into AVATAR CONSCIOUSNESS and OVERSOUL EMBODIMENT PHASE. This alone is a long process (for me it’s been all of 2016 and continues through a completion phase this month). This is where one has “achieved” the ability to WALK AS ALL ASPECTS in the physical and MASTER ALL, clear all distortions, and functions as A WHOLE PURE SOUL. The OverSoul is the merging of all aspects returned to physical form here. Avatar Consciousness with infinite “gifts” (as the human would call these), yet to us, they are our natural abilities returned. Yes they are a gift though and we recognize the gift in all. WE utilize our gifts in a multitude of ways for all of HUMANITY here.

Now, where each will get confused along the way, is how multi-dimensionality works. We exist in all dimensions simultaneously, yet we still exist in a physical one. Old mindsets of “how this is supposed to be”, these are distortions as well. Each will work through any lack still held within when anchoring and integrating higher consciousness existence here. None of this is “as you thought it was”. A complete re-education of everything we “think we know” is necessary to understand “how it actually and truly is”.

This is the APPLICATION PHASE… where each must APPLY higher consciousness to the physical one. Physical matter will continually take new shape and form. Old unconscious everything will dissolve (physical matter too) and re-construct/re-appear in new physical form when that highest existence has been achieved within all. When each’s physical body HOLDS THE CODES and the NEW HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS WAY is the way that one functions…. this is what activates new physical matter to take form. This is each vibrating into a whole new reality and physical matter that vibrates at that new frequency materializing for a physical experience here.

We are in an unprecedented time (VIBRATIONAL REALITIES) now. These SOULGate/StarGate alignments are powerful beyond.

Each is going through a complete overhaul and re-vamping of an existence. These are continual processes that are increasing/speeding up and amplifying substantially and continually as all of Gaia Earth Ship moves into a higher vibrational resonance substantially and continually too. Earth’s Crystalline Structure is increasingly charging with more power, more light and as the Crystals and Stargates activate, physical movement inside of her and us occurs. The Galactic StarGates and Gaia’s dial codes and re-align each time this occurs. Shaking and re-structuring continually to re-calibrate and release physical density too. The merging of all dimensions and higher timelines in this physical one, our atmosphere and inner forms more plasma and crystalline as we evolve beyond human comprehension and BACK… this is a RETURN. ♥

I love you. Get ready. Open up and embrace. The 12/12 Gateway opened yesterday and it shows to be BEYOND POWERFUL for us all. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder, HUman StarGate, Embodied Light BEing and Guardian of NEW Earth ∞

Photo credit unknown. Will add photo credits as they come forth. ♥




LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN: “A Me Day: Ramblings on Relationships, Love, Purity, Out-Growing Old Realities, Physical Light Body Upgrades, Activating Our Dreams, Sleep…”


Today is a “me day” a “be day”… where I don’t “do” for anyone else… my “every moment” is “doing/git’r’done mode/produce mode”…. not today and maybe not tomorrow too. Last night we went into a huge Crystalline LightBody/Light BEing upgrade and this continues strongly. “No receiving” outside stimuli, for my own neural transmitters/receivers are going through a huge upgrade/tuning/re-calibration process and we learn to honor these processes above all. I can just “be” and not exert any energy, not think… I can do what I feel to do, what I see to do… and honor this space of HUGE LIGHT STREAMING through our “receptacles” (hmmm, new word)/vessels….

Used to be the words were “just lay in the light”… “stay in the light”, for when this much light activates, just BEing in it/with it… is a sacred act alone. Because I can hear/see/feel it all… it’s a total experience within itself…..

We learn not to try to DO too much, until the processes complete. Sleep is a processing phase, and I don’t get up until the sleep process is complete, all the “work” that needed to occur … finished. All of the dream/experiences/exchanges completed, all of the realities/timelines/programs I needed to clear are done, all of the dreams I activated, worked in to anchor in my physical were completed…. it’s part of how our DREAMS materialize in this physical one. I learned years ago to utilize my “sleep”/shut-down/other dimensional access state to easier experience the physical….

Today, much much much is occurring with activations that require no interference, no reading emails, no trying to accomplish tasks… It’s been months since I had a BEing day…. for I don’t stop/slow down, as I don’t have too until these moments like now…. then I honor it fully…..

December shows to be a huge month for us all, each month huger than the one before. The timeline collapses/unifications so much more substantial and massive compared to before, because of the amount/type of Divine/Holy/Sacred/Powerful/Galactic Light Activations that are continually occurring all day every day now.

I “see” a huge collapse in the upcoming weeks, a huge shift, a huge convergence a huge “twist”, a huge cosmic wave and beyond powerful particle chargings like we’ve never experienced in this timeline before….. I see that all are being prepared with these activations “right now”….. and how important it is to honor and not compromise our highest existence …. ever….

I see many having to adjust to “our new way” of BEing and Doing, I hear/see/observe the unconscious resistance that creates stress in each’s world. I hear/see/observe the non-acceptance of change, the non-acceptance of “new ways” that don’t conform to the old human’s way of thinking/living……. Excuses and resistance are loud energetically. Lack is loud, fake is loud, non-commitment, insincerity, these are loud…. everything not of purity is loud and screams vibrationally…..

I also hear/see/feel the beauty, the desire, the magnificence of each. We see the power that each holds, the possibilities, the gifts that are available as each open up, steps up…. is truly ready, embracing fully and jumping with all of their heart-soul….

The higher we go, the less tolerance there is to accept and allow the old, the less desirable it is to fill our space with in-authenticity and we “outgrow” old realities, beings, situations, places & spaces Quantum fast….. Constantly seeing the constraints that were not visible before, constantly feeling the old vibrations that were tolerated, dismissed, acceptable “in that vibration”…. all of a sudden are not any longer….

Out-growing a reality is hard on our human, yet freeing to our spirit/soul self. What used to be funny, bored. What used to be cute, not… what used to be fun, nope…. our souls need/desire/require from a very different place/space. We no longer feed our human’ness, we feed the light & purity of our SOUL now.

Our new realities require something different to fulfill. We no longer “fill space” with that which wastes energy, disrespects all/all things life/love, that which pulls/drains/takes our energy…. all of a sudden we have new awareness and wow…. energetically… everything is the opposite of what we used to see/understand.

Those we needed, we can’t stand the cords of attachment. Those we fed energetically, we are ready to take our energy/power back. Those we believed were victims, we see the stories that create the beliefs, those that manipulated… we see where we allowed that….

We start to see what we are getting out of each situation and why we needed that before. We see what FEELING or BELIEVE we were feeding within ourselves and others too.

Believe it or not, manipulation is a huge part of this process for us all. I had to go through it for umpteen thousands years, so have all of ya’ll. The cool part is once you truly realize it, you can never be unconsciously manipulated again. This will trigger anger in others, for it’s taking their control away…. and you are taking yours back… changing the game and the roles all play in your own reality world here.

Here there is none of that, here there is deep sacred love and respect. Here when someone holds that energy, it’s just not fed and they are left standing there with themselves to deal within….

The human does not know what to do with our love, for they don’t understand the “concept” of love without attachment, expectation and cords… It will kick in “pressure” to open up, and it pushes their security buttons and triggers their own perceived lack inside. SOUL LOVE is Pure… yet not all human’s are truly open for this experience yet…..

You will find this in many relationships as they dissolve now. You will also find the profound sacred connections where SOUL’S HEARTS ARE PURE and fully open to love, support, share and just BE in a NEW EARTH RELATIONSHIP without the distortions and misgivings of the old.

Human’s “protect themselves” from these experiences, because they have subconscious beliefs that are not true. They subconsciously convince themselves that love is a threat, openness is a threat, they can be hurt…. and this can only occur when one feeds the lack energy of their human’ness/heart….

Humans have a very different experience than we do. WE connect on a SOUL LEVEL… they connect on a physical one…. These two are coming from opposite places… and without each being totally open, conscious and connected with their own soul, then challenging and “not in the same dimension/universe” is an understatement here. WE could not care less about what human’s care about….. we LOVE… purely…. fully…. and we do not compromise our own soul…. ever….. We respect deeply and we REQUIRE the same in return. Relationships show us what we still hold, where we come from and where we compromise (or don’t). When each is there for “opposite” reasons, then the relationship can’t synchronize …..

PURITY is the basis of our NEW Earth Relationships here. Our pure hearts/souls connect up and this is what POWERS OUR SHIP. As humans, we are challenged to be our highest aspect at all times, see any human’ness and clear/cleanse/re-program it. These challenges are welcomed, for as our Higher Soul Self, this is the easy part. Peace and home are felt…. complete gratitude and appreciation for the Gift of Lifting through Love… we don’t “fall” in love here… we Lift in Love …. inspire, support, empower…. Higher and higher and higher we go, paving the path with love, light, purity sharing, creation and the abundances that just wait to materialize for us all…..

This is a very powerful month loves…. so very much is being re-shaped at all times…. so very much is waiting…. occurring…. all of the time…. and it’s up to each one of us to hold that sacred connection in place, our NEW Earth realities in place…. so that all can join us/arrive/experience as they are ready to do the same. ♥

Keep shining, anchoring and creating as the brilliance that you are!

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth

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MEG BENEDICTE: “Portal Open To Galactic Center — 12:12 Stargate Activations”

Last night was the powerful Supermoon in Taurus, the closest the moon has been in 68 years. With the earthy energy of Taurus, we are being given the opportunity to ground and embody the recent 11:11 Gateway Ascension upgrades into our personal lives and into the planetary collective.
Venus rules Taurus and shines the spotlight on personal values and unconscious shadow. This past week since the US Election, we see more awareness focused on control dynamics, power plays, and injustices against the disenfranchised. You can show support for Standing Rock and our Native American water protectors…today, November 15th, is the call for united solidarity to demand the Army Corps to reject the oil pipeline. Get involved, go here:
In North Dakota we see indigenous tribes coming together from Central America, South America, Hawaii and South Pacific, Alaska – this is unity consciousness in action. One united vision, focus and purpose to protect the sacred water and land. The ancient prophesies remind us…
“When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the rainbow.”
~Old Native American Prophecy
On 12:12 each of the 12 power stations on Earth’s crystalline grid will connect to the 12 dimensions of the universe, and any dormant junk DNA of the original 12 strands will connect to the grid. The sacred sites on the 5D crystal grid operate like planetary ‘frequency generators’ emitting an amplification of divine light codes that reveal the path home to our Ascended Self and Source Creator.
We will be joining together on Monday, December 12th to step into the 12:12 Stargate Global Activations. Join other Lightworkers and Starseeds in ushering in the new earth paradigm. Register at
Lovingly, Meg
Copyright (c) 2016 Meg Benedicte * All Rights Reserved * You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.