LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN: “A Me Day: Ramblings on Relationships, Love, Purity, Out-Growing Old Realities, Physical Light Body Upgrades, Activating Our Dreams, Sleep…”


Today is a “me day” a “be day”… where I don’t “do” for anyone else… my “every moment” is “doing/git’r’done mode/produce mode”…. not today and maybe not tomorrow too. Last night we went into a huge Crystalline LightBody/Light BEing upgrade and this continues strongly. “No receiving” outside stimuli, for my own neural transmitters/receivers are going through a huge upgrade/tuning/re-calibration process and we learn to honor these processes above all. I can just “be” and not exert any energy, not think… I can do what I feel to do, what I see to do… and honor this space of HUGE LIGHT STREAMING through our “receptacles” (hmmm, new word)/vessels….

Used to be the words were “just lay in the light”… “stay in the light”, for when this much light activates, just BEing in it/with it… is a sacred act alone. Because I can hear/see/feel it all… it’s a total experience within itself…..

We learn not to try to DO too much, until the processes complete. Sleep is a processing phase, and I don’t get up until the sleep process is complete, all the “work” that needed to occur … finished. All of the dream/experiences/exchanges completed, all of the realities/timelines/programs I needed to clear are done, all of the dreams I activated, worked in to anchor in my physical were completed…. it’s part of how our DREAMS materialize in this physical one. I learned years ago to utilize my “sleep”/shut-down/other dimensional access state to easier experience the physical….

Today, much much much is occurring with activations that require no interference, no reading emails, no trying to accomplish tasks… It’s been months since I had a BEing day…. for I don’t stop/slow down, as I don’t have too until these moments like now…. then I honor it fully…..

December shows to be a huge month for us all, each month huger than the one before. The timeline collapses/unifications so much more substantial and massive compared to before, because of the amount/type of Divine/Holy/Sacred/Powerful/Galactic Light Activations that are continually occurring all day every day now.

I “see” a huge collapse in the upcoming weeks, a huge shift, a huge convergence a huge “twist”, a huge cosmic wave and beyond powerful particle chargings like we’ve never experienced in this timeline before….. I see that all are being prepared with these activations “right now”….. and how important it is to honor and not compromise our highest existence …. ever….

I see many having to adjust to “our new way” of BEing and Doing, I hear/see/observe the unconscious resistance that creates stress in each’s world. I hear/see/observe the non-acceptance of change, the non-acceptance of “new ways” that don’t conform to the old human’s way of thinking/living……. Excuses and resistance are loud energetically. Lack is loud, fake is loud, non-commitment, insincerity, these are loud…. everything not of purity is loud and screams vibrationally…..

I also hear/see/feel the beauty, the desire, the magnificence of each. We see the power that each holds, the possibilities, the gifts that are available as each open up, steps up…. is truly ready, embracing fully and jumping with all of their heart-soul….

The higher we go, the less tolerance there is to accept and allow the old, the less desirable it is to fill our space with in-authenticity and we “outgrow” old realities, beings, situations, places & spaces Quantum fast….. Constantly seeing the constraints that were not visible before, constantly feeling the old vibrations that were tolerated, dismissed, acceptable “in that vibration”…. all of a sudden are not any longer….

Out-growing a reality is hard on our human, yet freeing to our spirit/soul self. What used to be funny, bored. What used to be cute, not… what used to be fun, nope…. our souls need/desire/require from a very different place/space. We no longer feed our human’ness, we feed the light & purity of our SOUL now.

Our new realities require something different to fulfill. We no longer “fill space” with that which wastes energy, disrespects all/all things life/love, that which pulls/drains/takes our energy…. all of a sudden we have new awareness and wow…. energetically… everything is the opposite of what we used to see/understand.

Those we needed, we can’t stand the cords of attachment. Those we fed energetically, we are ready to take our energy/power back. Those we believed were victims, we see the stories that create the beliefs, those that manipulated… we see where we allowed that….

We start to see what we are getting out of each situation and why we needed that before. We see what FEELING or BELIEVE we were feeding within ourselves and others too.

Believe it or not, manipulation is a huge part of this process for us all. I had to go through it for umpteen thousands years, so have all of ya’ll. The cool part is once you truly realize it, you can never be unconsciously manipulated again. This will trigger anger in others, for it’s taking their control away…. and you are taking yours back… changing the game and the roles all play in your own reality world here.

Here there is none of that, here there is deep sacred love and respect. Here when someone holds that energy, it’s just not fed and they are left standing there with themselves to deal within….

The human does not know what to do with our love, for they don’t understand the “concept” of love without attachment, expectation and cords… It will kick in “pressure” to open up, and it pushes their security buttons and triggers their own perceived lack inside. SOUL LOVE is Pure… yet not all human’s are truly open for this experience yet…..

You will find this in many relationships as they dissolve now. You will also find the profound sacred connections where SOUL’S HEARTS ARE PURE and fully open to love, support, share and just BE in a NEW EARTH RELATIONSHIP without the distortions and misgivings of the old.

Human’s “protect themselves” from these experiences, because they have subconscious beliefs that are not true. They subconsciously convince themselves that love is a threat, openness is a threat, they can be hurt…. and this can only occur when one feeds the lack energy of their human’ness/heart….

Humans have a very different experience than we do. WE connect on a SOUL LEVEL… they connect on a physical one…. These two are coming from opposite places… and without each being totally open, conscious and connected with their own soul, then challenging and “not in the same dimension/universe” is an understatement here. WE could not care less about what human’s care about….. we LOVE… purely…. fully…. and we do not compromise our own soul…. ever….. We respect deeply and we REQUIRE the same in return. Relationships show us what we still hold, where we come from and where we compromise (or don’t). When each is there for “opposite” reasons, then the relationship can’t synchronize …..

PURITY is the basis of our NEW Earth Relationships here. Our pure hearts/souls connect up and this is what POWERS OUR SHIP. As humans, we are challenged to be our highest aspect at all times, see any human’ness and clear/cleanse/re-program it. These challenges are welcomed, for as our Higher Soul Self, this is the easy part. Peace and home are felt…. complete gratitude and appreciation for the Gift of Lifting through Love… we don’t “fall” in love here… we Lift in Love …. inspire, support, empower…. Higher and higher and higher we go, paving the path with love, light, purity sharing, creation and the abundances that just wait to materialize for us all…..

This is a very powerful month loves…. so very much is being re-shaped at all times…. so very much is waiting…. occurring…. all of the time…. and it’s up to each one of us to hold that sacred connection in place, our NEW Earth realities in place…. so that all can join us/arrive/experience as they are ready to do the same. ♥

Keep shining, anchoring and creating as the brilliance that you are!

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth

~via Awakening To

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