LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN: “Desiring MORE to Fulfill Your Own Soul’s Purposes Here”


Aloha beautiful Love family!

Part of Soul Expansion is striving for MORE, Desiring MORE and actually making what is truly important to YOU AS A SOUL important, MORE IMPORTANT than anything else… so that you will do what it takes….

The MORE that you strive for is not selfish and just for you, it’s for all that you will touch and affect AS LOVE AND A QUANTUM LIGHT BEING HERE. It’s more to support you for what you are here to BE & DO, it’s MORE that IS IN FULL ALIGNMENT with fulfilling your own DIVINE SOUL’S PURPOSES here.

As humans we live in worlds of excuses, lack, non-belief, backwards priorities and a focus on the physical, a focus on what others think (judgment), a focus on survival instead of freedom, a focus on our human selves instead of what we are BEing & DOing as SOULS here, a focus on what we have instead of what we have to offer, a focus on what others are doing instead of what we are doing….

As SOULS, all of that changes… all the unworthiness goes, all of the victim mentality, all of the “they did that/are doing that”, all of the protection mechanisms, all of the blame, all of the I’m not enough/don’t have enough”, all of the it’s about me as a little human… and we Learn/Remember how to open up, we learn how to share, we learn how to support others, we learn what is important, truly important and our HIGHER-SELF-HEART-SOUL and higher wisdom-light intelligence… THIS IS WHAT DRIVES US….

We stop needing motivation through loss, through being forced, through “having to because we have no other choice”, we stop fighting and resisting and we shift into a higher frequency by opening our heart fully and expanding our consciousness out….

WE stop playing in the old games of “little self” and we recognize our own separation that we held/allowed, we recognize where we were not open before, where we were attached to something, we understand how we kept recreating that in our world by the ENERGY that we held….

We REALIZE that if we truly DESIRE a DIFFERENT REALITY, one that is truly free, truly physically abundant, truly beautiful and magnificent to experience here, then it’s ALL ON US and what we do… IN EVERY MOMENT….

We start to realize that we were NEVER ALONE…. that WE WERE THE ONES THAT DISCONNECTED from our own inner knowing/knowledge, our own UNIVERSE…. it didn’t abandon us, we abandoned it… we stopped listening, we stopped paying attention, we compromised something else by “thinking” it was more important. We listened to fear, judgment, lack and we went down a multitude of paths (parallels/timelines) to have experiences to teach us… so that we could see…. so that we could FINALLY UNDERSTAND…..

Each has to choose to let go of the old so that they can fully connect UP to NEW EARTH GRIDWORK. Each has to exit the MATRIX from within and allow their bodies to re-calibrate/re-configure cellular programs so that new realities can start to play…. each must CHOOSE which reality they desire to experience and commit fully, from inside… with everything they’ve got…..

NEW Earth Existence…. you don’t get to hold back/hold out. It’s a commitment to yourself, your own SOUL and it’s you BEcoming/BEing your Higher Self/Source Aspects in all that you do and are…. It’s YOU realizing that as you release the old that the NEW will take it’s place for you “faster” and “easier” …. in response to your acceptance, your POWER to choose and YOUR COMMITMENT to you….

Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purposes/missions/roles here is a process of commitment, of deep inner SOUL DESIRE, of deep inner commitment, of Deep inner everything….. You radiate love, you hold your NEW REALITIES in place, you do not give up on the DREAM… for YOU BIRTH IT FROM WITHIN YOU, you nurture it, you grow it, it’s YOUR DIVINE CHILD and CREATION….

Here, you are constantly GIVING BIRTH to NEW REALITIES… your Soul’s Purposes never stop… they just get larger and more expansive as you do…. This is not a “one thing thing”… this is an existence.. it is EVERY THING….

NEW Earth is just the beginning…. it’s when your TRUE LIFE begins… as your little human dies off/dissolves/merges within, you birth all new YOUs…. many of them and you’ll oscillate between aspects continually, working out any distortions still left and emerging more POWERFUL, MORE AWARE, MORE GIFTED, MORE ABUNDANT…. because you left all of those old beliefs, mentalities and programs behind…. because you got done with them…..

You embrace, you REALLY REALLY REALLY ARE READY… with every particle of you… YOU AS A PURE DIVINE SOUL….. ♥ ♦ ∞

Are you ready? Truly ready? Because the old is totally gone. The NEW is you in a fully REMEMBERED STATE… constantly birthing and re-creating your entire reality from inside of you. It’s up to you to anchor it here to make it real. You do this through your ACTIONS…. your Divine Masculine merged with your Divine Feminine and Your Divine Child….

The 3 Fold Flame ignites and burns inside of you. Divine Sacred Union of all Flames activate and emanate from inside of you….. ∞

We are the Pure Ones…. Holding the NEW in place…. ♦ We do not waver… we are the foundation of all realities and we hold all through our POWER and STRENGTH… As love.. As Light.. As Truth. ♥

Get ready loves… WE have a whole lot more to BE & DO and MORE magical magnificence to birth into fruition here. Start small (or Jump huge)… everything matters here. I love you!!!! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Guardian & Elder of NEW Earth


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